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6 Easy Ways to Completely Revamp Your Property

Life can be busy. Luckily, it doesn’t take too much work to fully renew the look of your property. In fact, investing some of your time to changing your interior design may actually be beneficial to your overall health. Here are 6 super easy ways to revamp your property.

1. Switch out your lightbulbs
Lighting affects our lives tremendously. Everything from our mood and productivity to our sleep is influenced by light. It’s no surprise then that switching out your lightbulbs can change the entire look of your house. I mean, light is essential to seeing after all. Try switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs or, if you’re feeling adventurous, switch to something colourful to really breathe more life into those dull spaces.

2. Get a new rug
If you want to get the most bang for your buck, changing something with a large surface area is the way to go. An area rug has a huge impact on a room. Make sure you take time trying to find the perfect rug for your space, though. The choices are limitless! Do you want a high pile or low pile rug? What colour do you want? Do you want any patterns? Don’t get overwhelmed, get creative.

3. Change your throw pillows
Throw pillows make for wonderful accents to your furniture. Sometimes, you don’t have the right number of them. If you only have two, add more. If you feel like you have no space to sit, take a few away. Think about the style of the pillow too. A mix of different sizes and patterns works great. As a general rule, use larger throw pillows on the outside and shift to smaller ones as you move closer to the centre of the sofa.

4. Invest in some art
Supplementing your interior décor with some artistic designs is guaranteed to make your room more eye-catching. Not only can artistic paintings revitalize your home, they provide an opportunity for you to express your personality. Invest in art pieces that you are feeling drawn to. But, remember to stick to your budget.

5. Add some flowers or plants
Integrating nature into your home literally brings new life into any space. Although indoor plants may not necessarily purify your air, they have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. Besides, plants provide a clean and fresh look to any house. Consider adding aloe vera or peace lily plants or, if you would rather not deal with constant watering, try adding a cactus or two. As for flowers, that all depends on the colours and the motif you are going for.

6. Maybe just tidy up
Don’t want to spend any money at all? Probably the cheapest way you can revamp your property is to tidy things up. Decluttering, dusting, and vacuuming all do wonders. If you do decide to get rid of some stuff, remember to donate whenever possible.

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